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Practice Areas

Individual Taxes


Filing tax returns is a responsibility we all must bear, but that does not mean it has to be a burden.  The forms, the tax laws, and the time it takes to comply with filing requirements for most of us are beyond what the average person can or wants to deal with.  Why not have your taxes done right by someone who knows the laws, continually reads and takes classes about the changes to the laws, has access to numerous resources, and has the experience and judgment to help you understand how your taxes change and why?  Maybe you just want to sign and send and that’s OK too, but if you would like someone to help you understand your taxes and not just prepare them, you will be better prepared to approach your finances going forward.


I base my fees primarily on the complexity of the returns and the number and type of forms required so neither of us is having to "watch the clock" on an hourly rate.  We can accomplish more together and achieve better results when we are both organized and efficient with our time as a team.

Business Taxes


Corporations, partnerships, not-for-profits and all the variations are complex entities and require a thorough understanding of them and how they integrate with their owners.  Preparing tax returns for these kinds of business structures and coordinating the results to fit with the individual tax returns requires a strong relationship between the client and the CPA and merits maintaining that relationship more than once a year at tax time.  Even if you are self-employed through your own business, having someone guide you through the process is critical to long-term success.



Whether you need help understanding different entity structures, questions about tax issues, or just troublshooting your QuickBooks file, I assist clients with arriving at solutions to a wide variety of topics.  From how to start and succeed with a new business to retirement and sale of one that has been the sweat and pride of someone’s life, there are many challenges along the way and having an experienced professional to assist you with them is an asset every business needs.



Whether you work for yourself or have a large staff, payroll is one of those areas that most business owners need and struggle to stay on top of.  Outsourcing payroll allows most business owners to use their time more effectively and avoid costly errors and the time it consumes to straighten them out. Payroll tax returns, tax deposits, W-2s, electronic payments and filing?  Let’s design a payroll program that fits your needs so you can concentrate on your customers.



Most businesses are required to maintain a balanced set of books and records.  This information provides management information for the business owner and functions as source data for the tax returns.  With these two goals in mind, I design bookkeeping services to meet both needs.  From simple to complex, for DIY’ers, or those who just want someone else to handle it all, let's figure out a system for keeping records that works for you and makes it easy to get ready to file your taxes.  As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I can also help train and troubleshoot to help you with the desktop and online versions.

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